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Kacie James Official Open!!!

Tue ,05/02/2013

yay! my new site, Kacie James Official, is now open and full of photos and videos of me being a right naughty, slutty girl, just how you like to see me :)

I’ll be updating twice a week with a new photoset and a new video, exclusively shot by me for my site.

Go and take a look and see what I get up to and please join so I can keep bringing you lots of new updates every week

Kacie James Official

luv and kisses Kacie xxxxxx

Boring morning home alone

Thu ,10/12/2009

Afternoon! :-)

So i was bored and home alone this morning so while i was getting ready i thought id take a couple of pics for u :-P

Getting ready

Getting ready

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Late night flashing!

Fri ,06/11/2009

Hey everyone!

I went for a walk to the shops last night and as the title says i did some ‘late night flashing’ :-P I was out with a friend and couldnt resist flashing for the camera! Hehe

So heres a few of the pics


Bum flash