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I Love the Snow!

Wed ,06/01/2010
Sorry for the lack of updates but ive had no internet cos talk talk messed up my connection argh!
My new year resolutions are to update my diary more and get my site finished :) hopefully 2 things i can stick to lol

I hope you had a good xmas i had a really good one :) i got a part-time xmas job in a shop to earn some going out money and had some wicked nights out with my mates but since last week i’ve been poorly and hardly got out of bed.
Today i looked out and saw all the snow and i love snow :) can’t remember ever seeing so much so i phoned my mate and we went out in it tonight.

it was soooo cold

it was soooo cold

my bum was frozen!!

my bum was frozen!!

i’ve warmed up again now!
Doing a shoot sat and taking my best mate along coz she sed she’d like to try doin a few pics but shes a bit scared. hope she does, shes well fit :)
Off to bed now hope i feel better tomorrow coz i want to go in the snow again :)

Late night flashing!

Fri ,06/11/2009

Hey everyone!

I went for a walk to the shops last night and as the title says i did some ‘late night flashing’ :-P I was out with a friend and couldnt resist flashing for the camera! Hehe

So heres a few of the pics


Bum flash




My new quadbike

Sat ,31/10/2009
Kacie James Quad Biking

On my new quadbike

Hey, like my new quadbike?
It’s a QuadZilla XLC300 and I had a great time riding around the local fields yesterday