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School Uniform Strip

Tue ,05/02/2013

Hey guys, here’s a free gallery of pics from a recent shoot I did for a fan who wanted me to dress up in school uniform before stripping it off.

It felt extra naughty stripping naked in a classroom, if only my teacher was there I’d have loved every minute of him bending me over his desk and fucking me with his big hard cock in front of all my classmates! haha

Enjoy the Free Pics

Kacie xxxxxxxx

Kacie James Official Open!!!

Tue ,05/02/2013

yay! my new site, Kacie James Official, is now open and full of photos and videos of me being a right naughty, slutty girl, just how you like to see me :)

I’ll be updating twice a week with a new photoset and a new video, exclusively shot by me for my site.

Go and take a look and see what I get up to and please join so I can keep bringing you lots of new updates every week

Kacie James Official

luv and kisses Kacie xxxxxx

Flashing my Knickers

Mon ,18/01/2010


thought id wear a skirt today, it was a bit short n every1 cud see my knickers lol

made lotsa guys smile, i luv flashing im such a tease  :)

u like?


an what they dint see



that ones just for u ;)


Kacie xxx

Late night flashing!

Fri ,06/11/2009

Hey everyone!

I went for a walk to the shops last night and as the title says i did some ‘late night flashing’ :-P I was out with a friend and couldnt resist flashing for the camera! Hehe

So heres a few of the pics


Bum flash