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Another Trip to the Cinema :-)

Tue ,24/11/2009

Hey Everyone :-)

I had a really good day at the cinema yesterday when i went to see a christmas carol, so i ended up going again today to see twilight! :-D which was reeeally good!!!

I had to see a christmas Carol in 3D so i got to wear a super cool pair of glasses which made me look such an idiot.

Anyway im off to bed now because i have tooth ache :-( . So heres some pics from yesterday

Night xxx

Climbing over the seats

Climbing over the seats

Looking an idiot!

Looking an idiot!

A Christmas Carol

Mon ,23/11/2009

Well its Monday morning and here i am still lazing about in bed hehe :-) but i’ll have to get up soon because im going to the cinema to see A Christmas Carol. I’m such a big kid because im going to see it in 3D just so i can wear the 3D glasses :-D

I’ll be back later with another update