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Another Trip to the Cinema :-)

     Posted on Tue ,24/11/2009 by Kacie

Hey Everyone :-)

I had a really good day at the cinema yesterday when i went to see a christmas carol, so i ended up going again today to see twilight! :-D which was reeeally good!!!

I had to see a christmas Carol in 3D so i got to wear a super cool pair of glasses which made me look such an idiot.

Anyway im off to bed now because i have tooth ache :-( . So heres some pics from yesterday

Night xxx

Climbing over the seats

Climbing over the seats

Looking an idiot!

Looking an idiot!

A Christmas Carol

     Posted on Mon ,23/11/2009 by Kacie

Well its Monday morning and here i am still lazing about in bed hehe :-) but i’ll have to get up soon because im going to the cinema to see A Christmas Carol. I’m such a big kid because im going to see it in 3D just so i can wear the 3D glasses :-D

I’ll be back later with another update


shopping, drinking and dancing!

     Posted on Mon ,16/11/2009 by Kacie
Good afternoon! :-)

Well i had a great weekend. I spent all saturday morning cuddled up in bed and all saturday afternoon christmas shopping with my mum.

I had an awesome night up town on saturday night with my friends :-D Lots of drinking and dancing which obviously means lots of embaressing pics :-\ and sore feet! lol

 Two of my closest friends

My dance partner

My dance partner

What a pose!

What a pose!

My new dress

My new dress

Just embaressing …
Getting sat on!!!

Getting sat on!!!

Someone licked my face and jumped out of the pic!

Someone licked my face and jumped out of the pic!

Late night flashing!

     Posted on Fri ,06/11/2009 by Kacie

Hey everyone!

I went for a walk to the shops last night and as the title says i did some ‘late night flashing’ :-P I was out with a friend and couldnt resist flashing for the camera! Hehe

So heres a few of the pics


Bum flash




My new quadbike

     Posted on Sat ,31/10/2009 by Kacie
Kacie James Quad Biking

On my new quadbike

Hey, like my new quadbike?
It’s a QuadZilla XLC300 and I had a great time riding around the local fields yesterday

Hello world!

     Posted on Fri ,30/10/2009 by Kacie

Hey I’ve got a blog :)
This is where you can read all about me n what I’ve been up to.