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Flashing my Knickers

Mon ,18/01/2010


thought id wear a skirt today, it was a bit short n every1 cud see my knickers lol

made lotsa guys smile, i luv flashing im such a tease  :)

u like?


an what they dint see



that ones just for u ;)


Kacie xxx

Bubble Bath

Thu ,07/01/2010

So i went to the doctors today and he told me to stay in bed until i felt better and wouldnt give me anything to take! der! i was in bed until i phoned and he told me i had to go in and see him!
So no more snow for now :(
Managed to drag myself out of bed for a nice bath tho n feel a lot better now.

i luv da bath

i luv da bath

and da bubbles

and da bubbles

 nyt xxx

Boring morning home alone

Thu ,10/12/2009

Afternoon! :-)

So i was bored and home alone this morning so while i was getting ready i thought id take a couple of pics for u :-P

Getting ready

Getting ready

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