Kacie James
Nice girls can be naughty too…


Name: Kacie James
Date of Birth: 26th September

Fave Hobby: quad bikin and Ice Skating
Fave Drink: Malibu
Fave Film: Finding Nemo – me n my mate sit there sayin all da quotes from it lol best film ever! and WALL.E. Oooohh i love Twilight!
Fave Book : i just dont read unless im with a mate n we read da porn mags lol
Fave Food: roast dinner/pizza/chinese/kfc – nothin spicy im a woose pants lol - and love chocolate cake – 4get da cake just da icing :)
Fave Music: i like everything dance rock rnb punky stuff drum n bass pretty much anything that u can dance 2 :-)
Fave Colour: pink and black