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Bubble Bath

So i went to the doctors today and he told me to stay in bed until i felt better and wouldnt give me anything to take! der! i was in bed until i phoned and he told me i had to go in and see him!
So no more snow for now :(
Managed to drag myself out of bed for a nice bath tho n feel a lot better now.

i luv da bath

i luv da bath

and da bubbles

and da bubbles

 nyt xxx

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  1. Bob Schlong Says:

    Wow, babe. You look fantastic, and not sick at all!

    Who took the pics?

  2. Brad Says:

    I agree you look stunning :)

  3. Bob Schlong Says:

    Just saw SimonD’s blog (your post there). Stephanie’s boobs are awesome! Do you know if we’re going to be lucky enough to see her naked?

    You looked your usual gorgeous self too!

  4. Kacie Says:

    aww thanks bob and Brad. Yea her boobs r great! hehe

    i think shes going to come along to another shoot with me very soon :-) we had a lot of fun messing about in the studio!

    Not sure how far shes going to go yet but we’ll keep you updated on here or SimonD’s blog

    Kacie xxx

  5. Bob Schlong Says:

    I hope she goes all the way!

    And a hot lesbo set with you and her would be cool too!

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